Friday, November 19, 2010

Great news from the ADA Tour De Cure

We received this exciting news from the American Diabeties Assoc. and want you to be the 1st to know about it.

"Take the ride of your life with Jacksonville's 7th anniversary Tour de Cure! Forces beyond our control have come together and necessitated a change for Tour de Cure 2011 in Jacksonville. Since TPC moved from Mother’s Day Weekend and now finishes May 15, 2011, we cannot secure the police support for the route due to this change to keep you safe, nor do we want to put you anywhere near TPC traffic, etc. at any time during Tour weekend. If we can’t ensure your safety, we don’t have a ride. In addition, the Hilton Garden Hotel, the Hampton Inn and the Castillo Real, the nicest of Tour de Cure’s hotels have mandated a two-night minimum for 2011, a change we have fought, but lost. We don’t think you should have to pay that much to support a charity event and we feel this is very short-sighted on the part of St. Augustine business owners.

SO… what does this mean? Well, we believe it means GREAT upgrades for you! Since the top 10 Tours in the nation are all 1-day Tours, we can make the change now to take Jax Tour to 1 day and perhaps give you even more than you ever dreamed of, as a result!

Here’s why we've moved to May 21, 2011:

A 1-day Tour allows is to provide more route options so the whole family can participate on the same day! We'll have:

10-mile Family Health Ride



100-mile Challenge Century

With routes that all go out and back from one location, we can offer you more perks, entertainment and spend more on great food and drink for when you finish.

You spend less to do a charity event and can focus on fundraising… in this economy, we can’t justify taking you somewhere that will cost you more than it has in the past! "

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